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Manhattan-based AlphaSSL specializes in low-cost, entry-level site SSL certificates. Formerly known as, VeriSign acquired and renamed the firm AlphaSSL to reflect the firm’s new mandate to offer SSL at the lowest possible price. The company has UK office in Maidstone, Kent and a Japan office in Kamakura, Kanagawa. In 2010, Symantec agreed to acquire all VeriSign authentication and identity businesses, including SSL Certificate services.

According to AlphaSSL’s website, the company places high value on exceptional customer service. The company’s tech support team offers to walk new clients through certificate installation. Although customer service is not offered on a 24/7 basis, the customer service team commits to prompt return of customer phone calls. AlphaSSL is not a reseller company.

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Name of Provider SSL Certificates

AlphaSSL offers an entry-level SSL Certificate program that is competitively priced with other entry-level certificate programs offered by firms like Comodo™, GeoTrust and GoDaddy. The AlphaSSL program provides 2048 bit root since 1998. Mobile support is widespread. Clients receive the site seal at no cost. The approval process includes domain validation. Support for non-www sites is available. Features of AlphaSSL include:

  • Unlimited server licenses
  • Mobile support
  • Issuance speeds: almost instant for domain validation (DV)
  • 2048 bit root
  • Non-www support
  • $1,000 warranty
  • Price for one year - $49.00
  • Wildcard certificate price for one year - $149.00

Recommended SSL Plans

Customers have a choice of either single domain or wildcard plans. AlphaSSL offers a completely automated cert application and issuance procedure: the entire process can be completed in a few minutes. No paperwork is necessary to obtain a trusted SSL certificate. The company promises fast, streamlined service “without the hassle.”

Safety & Security

Symantec, the ultimate parent company of AlphaSSL, is one of the world’s most established SSL certificate providers. In fact, Symantec established the SSL standard in 1995. The company supports some of the world’s most substantial certificate deployments. Symantec is a credible, long-term provider of SSL certificates and security services.

Added Features

AlphaSSL offers basic SSL certificate services to website owners and administrators with a need for security at an affordable price. The company offers support to non-www assets.

Overall Value

AlphaSSL makes purchase and management of SSL certificates extremely easy. The four-part questionnaire does not require the client to provide extensive documentation or to wait days for approval. The company’s helpful customer support team stands by to assist clients with solutions. AlphaSSL offers good value for the product offered. Basic SSL does not meet the needs of every client.

Customer Support

AlphaSSL customers in the US can access support via a toll-free number in the United States. If desired, customers may contact the U.S. team by email. Customers in the UK or Japan may contact sales and customer service by phone or email. Technical support must be requested by completing the online customer trouble ticket. The company promises a response to the customer’s needs within 24 hours.

Bottom Line

Single domain sites or non-ecommerce sites obtain top quality basic SSL certificate services at a rock-bottom price. The customer service team is energetic and responsive to client needs. Owned by VeriSign, AlphaSSL is a streamlined service provider.

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