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Different Kinds of SSL Certificates Explained

Since their inception, SSL certificates have quickly grown in popularity. There are a variety of reasons why this is the case. Companies and organizations use these certificates because they wish to...

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Do I Need an SSL Certificate on My Site?

Your company's website is your connection to customers online. You have a great design, easy navigation and the latest shopping cart options. Are you missing anything else? If you are actively collecting...

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How Do I install an SSL Certificate?

For anybody with a website who wants to be sure that sensitive information such as credit card payments or social security numbers can be kept safe, an SSL certificate is a must. The abbreviation "SSL”...

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How Do I Renew an SSL Certificate?

The remarkable feature of SSL Certificates is their flexibility in variety available for security purposes. Whether you are using a wildcard certificate, extended validation certifications, or specific...

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How Does SSL Work?

Surely, you have heard a great deal about SSL certificates. You have heard how they protect sensitive information and how having one of these certificates contributes to helping with a business’s...

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How SSL Certificates Work with Smart Phones

With the use of smart phones on the increase, more business owners are working hard to ensure that their sites are compatible with these devices so they do not miss out on large portions of revenue...

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How Will an SSL Certificate Help My Business?

When it comes time to set up a website, business owners must pay a number of fees. A domain name must be purchased as well as a hosting plan. If the services of a web designer and developer are needed...

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Securing Your Web Site with Shared SSL

Today's online advances allow us so much convenience that it's hard to imagine life without them. We can bank, shop, and change benefits information at any hour with the help of an Internet browser...

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