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The History and Importance Behind SSL

You, Your Safety, and The Internet. The internet is a wonderful place with many discoveries that are waiting for the avid online explorer, but in the midst of everyday life, there comes dangers. These...

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What is a CSR Request?

Today's world is an intricately bound, interconnected web. People and entities are exposed to one another like never before. This is both a marvelous blessing and an invitation to malicious hackers...

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What is a root signing certificate?

Signed certificates are an essential part of the secure sockets layer (SSL) protocol that is used to encrypt communications online. The certificates provide a way to authenticate the identity of a website...

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What is a Scalable SSL Certificate?

There are a variety of SSL certificates on the market. These certificates offer various levels of security and encryption bit lengths. One popular certificate is the scalable SSL certificate because...

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What is a Site Seal?

Security is an important part of our online world because it is so difficult to track down hackers and stop people from obtaining private information. The purpose behind a site seal -- otherwise known...

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What is a Wildcard Certificate?

When it comes to choosing a SSL certificate, there are a variety of ways to secure your domain name. An SSL certificate can offer the added insurance needed to encrypt private information and authenticate...

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What is an Email Certificate?

If you are an e-mail user, and who isn't these days, you have likely run into security problems. The list of e-mail security issues, whether they are serious or just annoying, is very long and can be...

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