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GeoTrust has been around in one form or another since the late 1990s, but went through a rebirth to become the company we would recognize today in 2001. Having traded independently and successfully until 2006, it was acquired by Verisign who were in turn acquired by Symantec. Having already been a successful SSL supplier before the buyout, the addition of these two prestigious brands to the GeoTrust system has bought them over 100,000 satisfied customers in 150 countries around the globe.

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​GeoTrust SSL Certificates

Out of the ‘big five’ powers in SSL, GeoTrust has some of the lowest prices across one of the widest ranges of products.

EV - Extended Validation:

The ‘True BusinessID with EV’ package is GeoTrust’s most secure and stable SSL certificate. Site owners who purchase an Extended Validation SSL package and go through the necessary certification steps are ensuring their users the safest experience available.

GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV
  • Issuing speed: 1-10 days
  • https:// and lock in the address bar
  • Green address bar with secure site's name
  • 25 supported domains
  • Seal of SSL certificate on site
  • $500,000 warranty
  • Price for 1 year - $299

OV- Organization Validation

Known for their simplicity, competitive pricing and consumer service, GeoTrust is very transparent with all of their plans and keep their OV True BusinessID simple, secure, and effective.

GeoTrust True BusinessID
  • Issuing speed – 1-2 days
  • https:// and lock in the address bar
  • Secure site’s name in the address bar
  • 25 supported domains
  • Seal of SSL certificate on site
  • $250,000 warranty
  • Price for 1 year - $199

DV- Domain Validation

GeoTrust's Domain Validation (DV) certificates cater to those sites with fewer security needs or a smaller budget. DV SSL certificates are issued immediately after purchase, making them a good option for sites that are looking for quick SSL protection.

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium
  • Issuing speed – Within minutes
  • https:// and padlock in the address bar
  • 1 supported domain
  • Seal of SSL certificate on site
  • $100,000 warranty
  • Price for 1 year - $149

GeoTrust is a widely recognized brand and is compatible with over 99% of mobile and desktop browsers.

Recommended SSL Plans

As one of the more modestly priced brands, GeoTrust enjoys popularity with smaller websites, businesses and budgets. Its most popular plan is the True BusinessID certificate as it packs a similar punch to much of the competition but in a far more forgiving price range. Having only a single Extended Validation plan, sites with financial portals can feel protected with the True BusinessID with EV certificate.

Safety & Security

Being a brand friendly to tighter wallets, you would expect GeoTrust to fall short somewhere. With their established and experienced brand, they still carry a fantastic reputation and since being acquired by Symantec; have gone from strength to strength on their security. Consumer reviews frequently cite GeoTrust as their first SSL experience and only move on when they need the power of the larger brands.

Added Features

All of GeoTrust’s low priced plans can boast some useful value-added features. Each plan comes with 2048-bit root and free Expert SSL support. A surprising feature from the budget suppliers is the amount of server licenses per certificate; unlimited! GeoTrust is unique in that it offers a free trial to test otu their SSL products!

Overall Value

While it is not the most powerful SSL provider, GeoTrust has enjoyed a lot of success and admiration for being one of the smaller suppliers who still deliver excellent products. Since Symantec came on board, it has become far more credible with the experienced software now behind its certificates.

Customer Support

GeoTrust certainly score some points in the customer support category, thanks to its live chat feature. Staffed by experts, this function is the quickest way to find an accurate answer to your problem. GeoTrust’s online knowledgebase contains extensive instructions and manuals. Along with e-mail and telephone support, GeoTrust also has an intuitive ‘Certificate Installation Checker’ support button.

Bottom Line

GeoTrust is an excellent choice for the majority of website owners out there. With economical prices and above standard levels of protection, it's certainly contending for a top spot. With a while longer in the game, it will undoubtedly have amassed the reputation and credibility that it deserves.

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