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Founded in 1996, GlobalSign is an Internet certificate authority focused on providing digital signature solutions for companies and organizations of all sizes. A member of the GMO Internet Inc. group company, GlobalSign is currently the fourth-largest SSL certificate provider. It serves over 140,000 customers and over 250,000 domain names worldwide, including Toyota, ING Bank, and AT&T. As an award-winning certificate provider, GlobalSign is dedicated to constantly improving its products and consistently providing the best service for its customers.

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GlobalSign SSL Certificates:

EV - Extended Validation

EV certificates provide the greatest protection. GlobalSign offers one EV option.


  • Issuing speed: 3-4 business days
  • https:// and lock in the address bar
  • Green address bar with secure site's name
  • 1 domain supported
  • Seal of SSL certificate on site
  • $1,500,000 warranty
  • Price starting at $899/year

OV - Organization Validation

OV certificates provide a high level of assurance by verifying the organization's identity. A wildcard option is available.


  • Issuing speed: 1-2 business days
  • https:// and lock in the address bar
  • Secure site’s name in the address bar
  • 1 domain supported
  • Seal of SSL certificate on site
  • $1,250,000 warranty
  • Price starting at $349/year

DV - Domain Validation: DV certificates verify only the domain name and are the fastest and most affordable way to achieve site security. A Wildcard option is available.


  • Issuing speed: 5 minutes or less
  • https:// and padlock in the address bar
  • 1 domain supported
  • Seal of SSL certificate on site
  • $10,000 warranty
  • Price starting at $249/year

GlobalSign's SSL certificates feature universal capability with Internet browsers and mobile devices.

Recommended SSL Plans

GlobalSign offers one option for every level of trust. The DomainSSL certificate is one of the most popular certificates on the web and is perfect for basic levels of security. The OrganizationSSL certificate lends a website higher credibility and is typically used for enterprise or e-commerce websites. For high-vulnerability sites, such as banking or other financial sites, the ExtendedSSL provides the maximum security and level of assurance for your customers.

Safety & Security

GlobalSign has shaped its business so that it acts not only as a certificate provider, but also a partner in security. Because GlobalSign deals specifically with site validation rather than other software products, it can constantly improve its existing line to keep ahead of new online threats.

Added Features

GlobalSign SSL Certificates come with unlimited SSL server licensing, unlimited reissues and replacements, and site checker installation verification. They are also protected by StopTheHacker malware detection, which includes a daily scan of all protected web pages. The OrganizationSSL certificate also includes a scan of unknown malware. The ExtendedSSL certificate provides additional features including Facebook protection, uptime monitoring, and hourly scans.

Overall Value

The SSL certificates offered by GlobalSign are pricier than its competitors, but the quality of the product and the company's trusted name make the premium price well worth it. GlobalSign is the trusted choice of big-name companies. Its SSL certificates are backed by reliable security devices and the GlobalSign seal is widely recognized. With GlobalSign, you can be sure you'll receive a top-notch product.

Customer Support

GlobalSign provides customer support through phone, support ticket system, and chat. The live support hours are limited to weekdays between 8am and 10pm EST; chat hours were not found on the website. However, there is an extensive online support center where customers can find answers to their questions. Besides knowledgebase articles and instructional videos, there is also a comprehensive SSL Information Center that explains not only GlobalSign's SSL products, but also SSL Certificates in general.

Bottom Line

GlobalSign is a high-end choice for SSL certificates but the quality of the product is evident. The website could use some reorganization, but this is a minor issue in comparison with the company's proactive approach at providing the best, most up-to-date security.

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