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With almost 55 million registered domains across almost 11 million customers, GoDaddy have grown significantly since their birth in 1997 to become the “largest hosting provider of secure websites in the world.” Now, GoDaddy is making in-roads into the SSL market and it’s looking very promising.

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GoDaddy SSL Certificates

GoDaddy is a very comprehensive supplier of SSL certificates, with enough experience under its belt to offer a great range of options.

EV - Extended Validation:

GoDaddy’s best protection comes in the shape of their Extended Validation Certificate, entitled ‘Premium SSL.’

GoDaddy Premium SSL
  • Issuing speed - 1-10 Days
  • https:// and lock in the address bar
  • Green address bar with secure site's name
  • 1 supported domain
  • Seal of SSL certificate on site
  • $250,000 warranty
  • Price for 1 year - $99.99

OV- Organization Validation

Organization Validations are beginning to become less and less common. They now feature on business accounts and in GoDaddy’s case, on the Premium SSL which also enjoys Extended Validation.

GoDaddy Premium SSL: $99.99
  • issuing speed – 1-10 Days
  • https:// in the address bar
  • padlock
  • green address bar
  • secure site’s name in the address bar
  • Number of domains supported - 1
  • seal of SSL certificate on site
  • warranty - $250,000
  • price for 1 year - $99.99

DV- Domain Validation

Whilst Domain Validation may be less secure than the preceding plans, it’s more than enough for websites which don’t host e-Commerce pages or transactional information. GoDaddy’s Domain Validation plan is their “Standard SSL.”

GoDaddy Standard SSL
  • Issuing speed – Within minutes
  • https:// and padlock in the address bar
  • 100 supported domains
  • Seal of SSL certificate on site
  • $10,000 warranty
  • Price for 1 year - $69.99

All of GoDaddy's SSL plans are supported by “all major browsers.” This includes Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Safari, Opera and more. The certificates are also recognized on many popular devices such as Android, iPad, Kindle, iPhone and Windows Mobile.

Recommended SSL Plans

GoDaddy have chosen to stick with only three plans, but have polished and optimized them well. Their ‘Standard’ plan is suitable for website owners who simply want to protect the information transmitted between them and their visitors. The ‘Premium’ plan is one of the most inexpensive OV SSL plans on the net and is certainly necessary for any websites which play host to personal and financial details such as credit card and bank account information. Both plans offer good value for what they can perform.

Safety & Security

GoDaddy has certainly harmonized its expertise in hosting and domains to provide this service. The team behind GoDaddy SSL is knowledgeable as ever and general reviews from customers commend them on providing such a high level of security for a fraction of their competitor’s prices. Their wide compatibility with browsers and their 256 bit encryption is above the industry standard.

Added Features

GoDaddy is nothing if not generous to their customers. Both of their SSL plans come with a free in-built Malware Scanner which will regularly search and purge any malicious code lurking in the website, including unauthorized links and spam. With WiFi becoming more and more popular in public places, GoDaddy have implemented protections against session hijacking which is a growing threat to web users. With unlimited servers security and the aforementioned 256 bit encryption, it really is amazing how GoDaddy manage to match the competition in power but outstrip them tenfold in value.

Overall Value

GoDaddy offers some of the best value for money in terms of the included features and protection. With prices as low as half of that of their rivals, it can be hard to resist choosing them. However, GoDaddy is not a brand known for their incredible security. By no means are they considered insecure, but against the larger more established brands they certainly fall short of the comfort you want to give you visitors.

Customer Support

For such a large company with an international presence and commitment, it would be easy to expect a delayed and interrupted customer support system. Somehow, the massive team providing help and guidance to GoDaddy subscribers manages to be available 24/7 through a myriad of options. Customers can access online forums staffed by GoDaddy gurus, phone and e-mail support centers around the clock.

Bottom Line

GoDaddy is poised to be one of the top players in the SSL market. Offering incredible protection at rock bottom prices, you could do far worse than invest in a GoDaddy plan. Give them a few years of good service and they will inevitably become a household name for protection and security.

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