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Network Solutions is an established name in the internet security industry. Founded in 1979, it is a veteran in domain name registration, web hosting, and more. SSL Certificates are just one of the many products offered by this versatile company. Network Solutions boasts a comprehensive selection of certificates at industry-comparable prices.

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Network Solutions SSL Certificates:

EV - Extended Validation

Network Solutions offers an SSL Certificate with complete Extended Validation. The EV Certification process takes the longest but ensures the highest level of site validation.


  • Issuing speed: 4-5 business days
  • https:// and lock in the address bar
  • Green address bar with secure site's name
  • secure site’s name in the address bar
  • 1 domain supported
  • Seal of SSL certificate on site
  • $1,000,000 warranty
  • Price for 1 year - $399.50

OV - Organization Validation

There are three OV SSL Certificates that differ in issuance speed, guarantee, and number of domains supported. OV Certificates require verification through supporting documents.

Basic: Full Organization Validation

  • Issuing speed: 2-3 business days
  • https:// and lock in the address bar
  • 1 supported domain
  • $50,000 warranty
  • Price for 1 year - $99.75

Advanced: Fast Organization Validation

  • Issuing speed: 1 business day
  • https:// and lock in the address bar
  • 1 domain supported
  • $1,000,000 guarantee
  • Price for 1 year - $149.75

Wildcard: Unlimited Sub-domains

  • All the features above, plus unlimited sub-domains
  • Price for 1 year - $494

DV - Domain Validation

The most basic option offered is the DV Certificate, which only verifies the domain name.


  • Issuing speed: minutes
  • https:// in the address bar
  • 1 domain supported
  • $10,000 guarantee
  • Price for 1 year - $49.99

Network Solutions SSL certificates are compatible with 99% of browsers.

Recommended SSL Plans

The Basic OV certificate is Network Solutions' most popular plan. It comes with full Organization Validation, which is sufficient for most individual and company websites. The 2-4 business day issuance time is reasonable and the $99.75/year price (with 4-year term) is highly competitive. For business and government sites that require additional security, however, the EV Certificate is the best choice. The EV Certificate provides extra peace of mind to site visitors by turning the address bar green.

Safety & Security

Network Solutions is a recognized brand in internet security, and its services meet or exceed industry standards. In addition, all its SSL Certificates come with visual cues that will reassure your site visitors that it's safe to proceed.

Added Features

Network Solutions offers free and unlimited re-issues of all its SSL Certificates. For existing Network Solutions customers, there are additional perks such as automated certificate installation. Protect Safe software is also available at an extra cost. It provides daily scans, 24/7 site monitoring of download speeds and uptime, and keeps you updated on the health and security of your site.

Overall Value

Although the certificates are competitively priced, there are several instances where Network Solutions charges extra costs for services that cost nothing from competitors. For standard site validation, Network Solutions offers reasonable prices, but if you're looking for extra security and added features, the a-la-carte prices will quickly add up.

Customer Support

Network Solutions features a comprehensive, well-designed support website that includes a search feature, user guides, FAQ, community forum, and video tutorials. Support is also available by phone and email. Each department can be reached by phone and almost every department offers 24/7 phone assistance. Premium personalized support is also available through MyTime Support, which allows customers to set up phone appointments with dedicated experts who can provide extra assistance.

Bottom Line

Network Solutions offers the full range of certificates (DV, OV, and EV) at reasonable prices. The added cost of a site seal, security monitoring, and premium tech support is a burden, but in general the site offers industry-standard products with good support.

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