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In the budget SSL market, RapidSSL has very few competitors. Catering mainly to individuals and small organizations, RapidSSL has been growing in popularity since it publicized the fact that they operate with Geotrust and Symantec software. With focus on swift and easy access to the right security solutions, the California-based company is the preferred budget supplier across the SSL market.

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RapidSSL SSL Certificates

RapidSSL is quickly gathering a collection of satisfied and loyal customers who now have the ability to protect website visitors.

DV- Domain Validation

As leaders in the budget SSL certificate market, RapidSSL offer only one plan to their users. Low priced but offering great protection for its market, the RapidSSL certificate is domain validated only.

RapidSSL Certificate: $49
  • Issuing speed – Within minutes
  • https:// and padlock in the address bar
  • 1 supported domain
  • Seal of SSL certificate on site
  • $10,000 warranty
  • Price for 1 year - $49

Despite offering the lowest level of authentication, RapidSSL is still very much a trusted and reliable product. It is supported across 99% of internet browsers and won’t deter consumers with security alerts.

Recommended SSL Plans

The RapidSSL certificate plan is domain validated, which will be more than sufficient for website owners with little trade in personal information. With low transfer of sensitive data, extended or organization validated products are unnecessary and expensive. While domain validation will be unsuitable for any domains with e-Commerce features or personal log-in areas, the RapidSSL package is an incredible value for those who want to validate their website.

Safety & Security

It’s unfair to say that RapidSSL is one of the least secure certificates, just because of its low level of authentication. When compared with the entry-level packages of their competitors, RapidSSL's certificates are both cheaper and just as effective. With 128 – 256 bit encryption, the coding behind the certificate is in the same weight category of some of the $1000+ products available.

Added Features

RapidSSL is certainly a ‘no frills’ SSL supplier. Sitting at the lowest chain of the pricing structure for SSL, RapidSSL can certainly hold its own in this sector with paperless automated online issuance and immediate access to the product, 24/7. With a 30 day refund and reissue policy, RapidSSL is confident in its features and allow the ‘try before you buy’ offer rarely seen in the industry. With a $10,000 warranty, it’s also one of the highest insured of the budget suppliers.

Overall Value

With the included features, RapidSSL easily outstrips the entry level plans of its competitors in terms of value for money. It enjoys the same complex encryption as pricier certificates and has the power of Geotrust and Symantec behind the brand. We’re under no delusions that RapidSSL is the best product on the market, but in terms of budget protection; you’ll find it difficult to do better.

Customer Support

RapidSSL’s support center model is based around the famously competent Geotrust service. With a searchable knowledgebase of articles and guides, it’s both fast and easy to find the solution to a common problem. RapidSSL releases frequent advisories informing their customers of industry breaches, new malware and potential threats. With e-mail, toll-free telephone and online chat; our only criticism are the strict working hours of the support (Mon/ Fri – 9am/ 5pm.) However, with customer support available in languages across Europe, America and Asia; it can be forgiven.

Bottom Line

As a budget SSL supplier, RapidSSL enjoy very few disadvantages. One of the lowest prices on the market with one of the highest levels of credibility, the Californian company offers more than enough for many internet users and its reputation will only increase in the years to come.

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